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Preventive Controls

for Human Food

One Day “Blended” Course

Preventive Controls

for Animal Food

 “Blended” Course

Practical Food Defense Workshop

October 3 & 4, 2019
Boise, Idaho


October 16, 2019
Nampa, Idaho


We hold public courses throughout the year on food safety topics relevant to processors. If you work or own a food manufacturing business, our training programs ensure you and your employees are armed with the most recent cutting edge, scientifically-based information needed to implement food safety and product quality systems.

Current Course Listings

These are currently the types of  courses currently being offered at FSNW. Our latest schedule will be offering one or more of the following courses monthly.
If there is a specific course you are looking for that is not listed, contact us and we may offer it in the future or know of organizations in the industry that currently do.

Often we have guest lecturers join our sessions and offer an enhanced opportunity to grow your food safety knowledge.

    • Practical Food Safety and HACCP- 2 days.
      Accredited by International HACCP Alliance.
    • Seafood HACCP- 2.5 days.
      Accredited by Association of Food & Drug Officials.
    • Seafood HACCP- Segment 2. 1 day.
      Accredited by Association of Food & Drug Officials.
    • Introduction to Food Safety, HACCP,
      and FSMA Preventive Controls- 1 day.
    • FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food- 2.5 days.
      Accredited by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance.
    • FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food- 2.5 days.
      Accredited by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance.
    • Internal Auditing- 1 day
    • Advanced FSMA- 1 day

Food Safety Clinic

Pro bono technical assistance

FDA food safety regulations and customer requirements can be a daunting barrier to food entrepreneurs and small food processors.  Under-resourced small companies working with high risk ready-to-eat products must embrace the same level of knowledge and food safety expertise as large operations to protect the health of their customers. One recall or outbreak has negative impact on the entire food industry.  That is why we are offering periodic, no-cost technical assistance to these businesses. Assistance is offered on a limited basis by prior application and arrangement.

Volunteer International work

Our belief in giving back extends to the international food processing community. Check our past volunteer food safety projects in Republic of Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Belarus.