Practical Food Defense Workshop


An implemented food defense system is now required by FDA-regulated processing and liquid storage facilities through the new Intentional Adulteration (IA) rule, 21 CFR 121. The rule goes into effect on July 26, 2019, with enforcement activity beginning in March, 2020. The IA rule has specific employee training requirements. Food Defense Awareness training is required by many employees and supervisors. Each facility must have a written food defense plan prepared by an individual trained through FDA-recognized materials. To date, FDA in conjunction with FSPCA, has developed the required training materials modules: Conducting Vulnerability Assessments (either Key Activity Types (K.A.T.) or 3 Element Method programs), Identifying and Explaining Mitigation Strategies, the food defense plan, and reanalyzing the food defense plan.

This workshop meets the FDA IA rule training requirements for Food Defense Awareness, Vulnerability Assessment using the K.A.T. Method, Identifying & Explaining Mitigation Strategies, Food Defense Plan, and Reanalysis of the Plan. Curriculum used in our training course for these mandatory training components is equivalent to the FDA-recognized materials available now only through on-line training courses. This training program was developed using these now publicly available FDA curriculum.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion on successful participation in the course. The certificate will attest compliance of the participant with the FDA training mandates.


  • Enhance your professional development and upgrade your resume with a new certificate in Food Defense
  • Facilitate your company in compiling food defense plans and meeting FDA IA training requirements
  • We use the latest interactive participant engagement technologies to ensure this will be a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience!



Course fee: Regular $725.00 per person


Day 1            Awareness, Principles, and Regulations

8:00 am           Welcome, Introductions, Agenda Review, Expectations

8:10 am           Part 1: Overview of Food Defense (Awareness Training)

8:45 am           Part 2: Principles of Food Defense

9:30 am           Part 3: Conducting Vulnerability Assessments

10:30 am         Break

10:45 pm         Part 4: Identifying and Explaining Mitigation Strategies

12:00 pm         Lunch

12:45 pm         Part 4: Mitigation Strategies- Exercises (continued)

2:30 pm           Break

2:45 pm           Part 5: The FDA IA Rule

3:45 pm           Part 6: Food Defense Plans

4:15 pm           Part 7: Implementing and Reanalyzing the Food Defense Plan

5:00 pm           Wrap Up and Adjourn


Day 2        Building Food Defense Plans- Group Work Sessions

8:00   am         Review Session: Day 1 Materials- Principles, IA Regulation,

Vulnerability Assessments, Mitigation Strategies, Mitigation Strategy Management, Reanalysis

10:30 am         Break

10:45 am         Group Work Sessions:   Food Defense Plans

11:30 pm         Vulnerability Assessment- Team Presentations

12:00 pm         Lunch

12:45 pm         Group Work Sessions (continued)

1:45  pm          Mitigation Strategy – Team Presentations

2:15  pm          Break

2:30  pm          Group Work Sessions (continued)

3:30  pm          Management of Mitigation Strategies- Team Presentations

4:30  pm          Wrap Up, Critique, & Adjourn


“Jeff Kronenberg has played a key role in ensuring Trident Seafoods’ ongoing compliance with FDA’s FSMA rules.  Most recently, Jeff developed a two day training, Practical Food Defense Workshop, which will help to ensure our facility plans are compliant with FDA’s Intentional Adulteration rule.   I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff as a trainer and we look forward to our next opportunity to work with him.” 

John Boyce; Director of Training & Development, Trident Seafoods Corporation


“The activities helped increase awareness in gaps in knowledge.” 

Calista Newman; The Amalgamated Sugar Company